The Shad-Echo IV is our preprogrammed version of the
Yamaha Magicstomp. This is a multi-effects processor,
which we have programmed to produce the echoes of the Shadows
The standard unit has received excellent reviews in the magazines
for it's quality effects as well as amp modelling and including
both analogue and digital effects.

36 of the unit's 99 user patch positions have been programmed to
emulate the echoes as used by bands like The Shadows
and others from the '60s. Each patch has the track title displayed.
All of the programmed echoes can
be altered to suit the circumstances in which it is being used,
and the unit will return to the programmed condition as
long as the changes are not stored.

There are also 99 factory presets for you to use or edit as you wish,
once a factory patch is edited it can be stored as a user patch over
one of the factory patches from 37 onwards

Shad-Echo IV comes with our famous Shadows track listing
to make selecting the right echo for a given track simplicity it's self.

Not forgetting our usual service if the program should be accidentally
lost, as long as the unit was programmed by us, it will be
re-programmed FREE OF CHARGE. All we ask is that you pay the
return postage.

This unit has now been discontinued by Yamaha.
Email us if you would like your own unit programmed,
Our programme will install in all versions of the Magicstomp.

Sounds Like The Shadows Echoes
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